Outdoor Furniture. Air Purifier.

June 13, 2009


Business Directory is the world’s biggest marketplace for international trade and the principal provider of internet marketing services for importers and exporters. This is wheree buyers and suppliers can find marketing opportunities and get their businesses promoted with the Internet’s help. Our directory is not a commercial enterprise but rather an online business platform, where you can seek or post information to find potential contractors. If you like to know more, please check out our web page.

Is your company a seller?

Please understand that our company is neither a commercial enterprise nor producer, we only provide commercial data for buyers and suppliers throughout the world to contribute to trade relations. Therefore, we don’t supply our members with the products directly. The business directory of Outdoor Furniture has many offers from the companies worldwide, located in following categories: Hospital Furniture, Bedroom Furniture, Folding Furniture, School Furniture.

If you like to purchase some goods, please inform the suppliers and talk about operation nuances with them. You can find how to find the products you are interested in and communicate with the seller with the help of the contact form.

Can your company provide a guarantee for my transaction?

No. Business Directory is an online organization for exchanging products and service information between buyers and suppliers. Business Directory is never involved in the trade activities between our associates and does not guarantee any transactions.

What is Buying Requests?

Buying Requests are classified ads or purchase orders published online by buyers. Buying Requests are an offer from buyers to sellers to send their prices for producing the buyer with the goods they are interested in.

If you find it difficult to locate the right products and suppliers, place a Buying Request on Business Directory. A lot of our sellers present a lot of of their products online ; however they don't always present their full range of products. Buying Requests allow you to to advise the suppliers of the exact goods you’re willing to purchase, so only the sellers with the products you need get in touch with you.

When you post your Buying Requests, you can specify the contacting method you prefer or hide your company details to prevent unwanted attention. The business directory of Air Purifier has many offers from the companies worldwide, located in following categories: Steam Cleaners, Remote Control, Ultrasonic Cleaners, Dehumidifier.

What is personalized search?

Sourcing for the right seller can be time-consuming and difficult. Personalized Search simplifies this process by eliminating unnecessary actions : just tell us what you’re looking for, and we'll provide you with the supplier offers. Present your requirements and we'll send it to appropriate suppliers. As soon as we get the prices from the suppliers, we'll pick out the most appropriate ones and send those back to you.