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The Victorious Army Group Claims Responsibility of Exploding an Oil Pipeline in al-Latifiyah, Assassinating an Alleged Female Spy and Bombing an Iraqi National Guard Train in al-Latifiyah, and Murdering Two Badr Members in al-Yusefiya
By SITE Institute
September 29, 2005

The Victorious Army Group [Jeish al-Ta'eifa al-Mansoura] issued four communiqués today, September 29, 2005, claiming responsibility of several operations in al-Latifiyah, south of Baghdad, and al-Yusefiya, including the explosion of an oil pipeline, destruction of supply trucks of the Iraqi National Guards, and the assassination of two members of Badr organization and an alleged female spy working with Americans.

The first communiqué, describing an attack executed today on an oil pipeline used ?for smuggling oil and robbing the riches of the Iraqis? in al-Latifiyah, further alleges that the oil is used to finance ?killing operations? upon the Sunnis, the manufacture of ?bullets in the chests of the mujahideen,? and ?recompense? America for its losses in the war in Iraq. The group calls upon all the ?armed Iraqi factions? to attack targets which will paralyze coalition forces and make Iraq a ?cemetery for them?.

According to the second message, an alleged female spy working with Americans was assassinated yesterday, for ?providing them specific information about the mujahideen? in al-Latifiyah.

Bombing operations today involving the detonation of improvised explosive devices (IEDs) on a train that transports equipment and supplies for the Iraqi National Guard is detailed in the third communiqué, claiming that following the explosion on the train, another IED was detonated on National Guards who arrived to the area.

The fourth group states that two members of the Badr organization were assassinated today in al-Yusefiya.

A full translation of the four messages are provided to our Intel Service members.

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