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The Islamic Front of Iraqi Resistance Releases New Publication, “Ja’ami”
By SITE Institute
September 29, 2005

A thirty-three page magazine published by the Media Office of the Islamic Front of the Iraqi Resistance titled: ?Ja?ami,? literally meaning ?mosque,? was recently distributed across jihadist forums. The publication, seemingly aimed primarily to the Iraqi mujahideen and Iraqi people, provides several high-quality, color illustrations and cogent articles which touch upon the entire Muslim Ummah, and provides encouragement and motivation, religious guidance, as well as political analysis of such cases as the relationship between Iraq and Palestine vis-ŕ-vis an alleged strategic alliance between the Jews and America.

Introducing the magazine is an editorial documenting its purpose, stating that it is to be an education tool for the Muslim Ummah to ?know its religion and its Shari?a, and even to know how to fight and how to manage the battle of jihad on its soils.? The article emphasizes that through Ja?ami, the group wishes to unite the Ummah around an ?ideological, cultural, and jihadi path.? Subsequent articles, such as: ?The Signs of Victory and Triumph in the Jihad of the Iraqis,? lauds the mujahideen for confronting the ?soldiers of the invasions? only days following their entrance to the country, turning the landscape of Iraq into a ?blessed field of combat.? Further, the article stresses the need for the insurgency groups in Iraq to unify their ranks as the ?first and most pressing mission?.

The article, ?Iraq and Palestine - One Jihadi Field,? alleges that historically, the Jews have feared power in Mesopotamia (Iraq) and its ?calamity,? and have instilled this belief in Christians, pressing for an invasion of Iraq immediately following the September 11th attacks. The article continues in this course, alleging that President George W. Bush is posturing towards Israel and claims he said: ?We want to attack fundamental Islam in its strongholds and ensure the security of Israel forever?. The author writes that the successes of the Iraqi resistance will breakdown the ?Jewish scheme on the land of Palestine? and ultimately, collapse Israel.

Other articles in the magazine concern Iraq specifically, claiming a ?hidden war? is under way by America to secure Iraqi oil; another, ?Credibility Crisis? alleges that Americans are trying to turn opinion of the Iraqi people against the mujahideen, a theme which is continued in ?Who is Protecting Whom?,? claiming that American forces are actually hostile to the Iraqi people they are to protect; and ?The New Mass Graves in New Iraq,? describing the destruction of many of its cities, al-Qaim specifically, which has been wrought by the American soldiers.

This issue of Ja?ami ends with a condemnation of the Iraqi constitution signed by myriad insurgency groups in Iraq including: the Islamic Army, Mujahideen Army, and the Twentieth Revolution Brigades, stating: ?With the will and help of Allah, we will continue with our Jihad against the occupier and his helpers. Never will we leave our [fighting] posts until we will realize the religious goals that Allah has imposed upon us?.

A detailed summary of the magazine and translation of selected excerpts are provided to our Intel Service members.

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