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An Illustrated Course in Booby Trapping – A Presentation for Making Buried Explosive Charges and Car Bombs
By SITE Institute
October 4, 2005

A 58-slide presentation recently posted to a password-protected al-Qaeda-affiliated forum with a military manuals section, titled: ?An Illustrated Course in Booby Trapping,? explains in detail the making of buried explosive charges and car bombs using small shells as the main body of the charge and small additional pieces for the detonation device. The illustrated slide show, impressive in its layout, is accompanied by several short animation and video clips demonstrating the process and actions detailed in the slide show itself.

The author of the presentation explains that he wrote this manual for beginner jihad fighters as he found no other good explanation for the making of car bombs and charges, "which have become some of the basics in causing destruction and killing the enemy," and emphasizes that the course should be read and understood fully and completely in order for to be of use. Booby trapping is defined as "creative ways to plant explosive charges against personnel, vehicles or tanks" so that they are initiated by the target itself, and counts 4 different types of booby trapping - basic, electrical, chemical and mechanical. The author presses that booby trapping is but a principal that can be implemented in many ways which require different levels of expertise and equipment, many of which were actually invented by ?infidel states? such as England, Russia, Germany, Italy and the US.

Further, the author indicates that most of the instruction provided in the presentation details techniques used by mujahideen in Iraq and Chechnya.

A summary and translation of selected exercepts of the presentation are provided to our Intel Service members.

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