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Second Broadcast of “The Voice of the Caliphate” – A Weekly News Format Video by the Global Islamic Media Front
By SITE Institute
October 6, 2005

The Global Islamic Media Front, an al-Qaeda mouthpiece, issued the second broadcast of ?The Voice of the Caliphate,? a weekly news format video, on Tuesday, October 4, 2005. The 19:22 minute broadcast contains segments of communiqués and video clips by Hamas, the Mujahideen Army, al-Qaeda in Iraq, and the Taliban, a prayer for Taysir Alluni?s release from prison, and a report on the tragedy in Nigeria of the situation Muslims are facing of starvation.

Following footage of a motivational piece of mujahideen training, the anchor moves to a report on Hamas? execution of a ?Zionist intelligence man,? and comments: ?This is the least they deserve, according to the command of Allah.? Further, he charges that ?Zionist actions? are coordinated with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbad, as a means to stifle the ?spirit of Jihad in the [Gaza] Strip.? News of recent attacks in Afghanistan received from communiqués of Taliban spokesman, Mullah Latif Hakimi, are touched upon, followed by updates from Iraq, including: the Mujahideen Army sniping two American soldiers in Ramadi, operations executed by the Salah A-Din Al-Ayoubi Brigade, Ansar al-Sunnah attacks upon the Iraqi National Guard, and two attacks by al-Qaeda in Iraq. Concerning the female suicide bombing for which al-Qaeda in Iraq claimed responsibility, the news anchor states she ?inscribed, with her blood, yet another page of the pages of glory of the Ummah,? and claims her to have set an example to men.

In addition, the broadcast contains a segment depicting the poor and hungry situation of the Muslims in Nigeria, to which the anchor responds is exacerbated ?in light of the affected ignorance by the prosperous countries and in light of the lack of Islamic and international charity organizations.? Further, the video claims that the Saudi?s preferred to help their American ?masters? following Hurricane Katrina, rather than help Muslims.

A summary of the video and translation of selected segments are provided to our Intel Service members.

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