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Message to the People of the Bays of Sinai Suggests Future Strategies for Jihad in Egypt
By SITE Institute
October 10, 2005

A message addressing the ?people of the Bays of Sinai,? which was recently posted to a password-protected al-Qaeda-affiliated forum, proposes future strategies for jihad in Egypt and analyzes the condition of the mujahideen in Egypt based upon the execution and events of the Sharm el-Sheikh, Sinai resort bombings. The author waxes of a purportedly lamentable situation in Egypt in the aspects of religion, ethics, economics, and social life, charging the government of seeking to imitate Western models and tightening the ?grip of the ruling devil?s regime.? From these allegations, the author believes that Egypt is deserving of ?the destruction by Allah, His wrath and His torture… I believe the punishment is forthcoming, without doubt.?

Arguments concerning jihad and the conduct of armed activity are predicated on the beliefs of Usama bin Laden and Abu Musab al-Suri, as the author declares that America must be destroyed first and ?engaging with the devils ruling the Muslim countries? to follow, so that strikes upon the ?Zionist enemy? may be waged in an open front. The author states that attacking America?s allies in the ?Arab devil regimes? constitutes a ?painful? strike at the American regime. In addition, the message contains quotes from al-Suri?s ?International Islamic Resistance Call ,? describing the most important targets of jihad, among them, ?targeting the foreign tourists who consider the countries of the Muslims to be their backyards.?

The Sinai resort bombings are then considered as following the methodology outlines by Abu Musab al-Suri; however, the author believes that the necessary acts of ?inciting the believers? through a media campaign claiming immediate responsibility and justification as per Islamic shari?a to have been lacking. Following the example of ?the brothers in the Arab Peninsula (Saudi Arabia)? in composing videos and audio messages and announcements before and after the operation, the author believes would have been more beneficial to those who executed the Sinai bombings.

The author continues to cite Suri?s text, proposing targets including tourists, ships in the Suez Canal and in the main ports in the Mediterranean and Red Seas, a transfer of petrol to the ?Zionist enemy.? Further, the message indicates that the mujahideen should enter a ?latent phase? in Egypt, to recruit, mobilize, and train mujahideen, and establish camps in the Sinai desert. The author suggests to take in the Egyptian youth who yearn for jihad, and ?absorb these people in a training program comprising physical and spiritual preparation and training on weapons and their use, the goal being to establish small cells that will put the above-mentioned targets on their agenda?.

A summary of the message and a translation of selected excerpts are provided to our Intel Service members.

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