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Audio Tape Released by the New Al-Qaeda Leader [Prince] in the Arab Peninsula
By SITE Institute
November 3, 2004

On November 1, 2004, the new Leader of Al-Qaeda in the Arab Peninsula, Sheikh Saud Al-Otaibi, one of the 26 wanted in Saudi Arabia, [click
here for more background info on the 26 most wanted] released a 17-minute audio message, posted on Al-Qaeda?s official website, Sout Al-Jihad.

In his message, Al-Otaibi criticizes the Muslims who have not rushed to the Jihad, especially during the month of Ramadan, warning them of God?s punishment that is awaiting them. He appeals to their conscience and wonders how they are able to eat or sleep, while their Muslim brothers are starving and under continuous attack.

Al-Qaeda leaders in Saudi Arabia, had repeatedly in the past, called upon their countrymen to remain in Saudi Arabia and carry out the Jihad there, rather than go to Iraq and other places.

Contrarily, Al-Otaibi is now calling upon his brothers in Saudi to travel to Iraq, Afghanistan, and Chechnya. He says: ?If you were afraid to carry out the Jihad in the Arab Peninsula, so what is your excuse for not going to Iraq, Afghanistan, and Chechnya? If you were afraid of the tyranny of the Peninsula?s devil, where do you stand with respect to the land of two rivers [Iraq]? Where do you stand with respect to your brothers in Fallujah, Ramadi, Baaquba, Mosul, and Kurdistan?"

Al-Otaibi praises the achievements of the Mujahideen in Afghanistan, Iraq and Chechnya, and announces the upcoming victory. Listing the Jihadi attacks that took place in the Arab Peninsula, he promises ?more similar attacks?, and pledges ?to not renounce the Jihad until victory or martyrdom have been attained?.

In defense of the Mujahideen, Al-Otaibi refutes the Saudi Government?s accusations of neglecting their injured brothers. He also explains that the so-called confessions of the detained scholars and Mujahideen, were forced by the Saudi Government in their effort to disfigure the Mujahideen?s reputation. He also talks about the Mujahideen?s Advisory Council and promises to expand it to include the whole Ummah [Nation].

Listen to a sample clip of the audio message here

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