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The Lightning Fatwa in Support of the Mujahideen in Saudi Arabia and Calling for Immediate Jihad
By SITE Institute
October 18, 2005

A fatwa recently issued by Jaber bin Abdul Qayoum al-Saerdi al-Shami AKA Abu Qatiba al-Shami, equates those Muslims who report the mujahideen in Saudi Arabia to Saudi security officials to be ?infidels,? predicating such thought on the Islamic scholarly opinion that one who assists an enemy is also an enemy, ?because the supporter knows about this infidel and he is pleased with him?. Abu Qatiba al-Shami castigates the Saudi royal family for providing support to American forces to attack Iraq, and having allegedly ?declared war against the Tawhid people and the trusted scholars,? and additionally, advocates that Muslims ignore the fatwas of scholars ?who consider the Saud family their bosses,? which authorize fighting against the mujahideen.

The fatwa also emphasizes the necessity for jihad, arguing that it is a must ?like prayer and fasting,? and prefaces additional opinion of jihad on Sheikh Abdullah Azzam, Usama bin Laden?s former mentor, stating: ?the punishment for those who fight Allah and His messenger and spoil the land to be killed or crucified, or cutting their hand and less or to be expelled from the land,? and adds, ?This is applicable also for the Muslims who frighten the massive Muslim population.?

A translation of selected excerpts from the fatwa is provided to our Intel Service members.

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