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The Jihadi Nuclear Bomb and Methods of Nuclear Enrichment
By SITE Institute
October 19, 2005

A 14-lesson manual compromised of over 250-pages of text and illustrations, which provides lectures of the history, chemical and physical properties, instruction, and application of nuclear radium bombs, electromagnetic bombs (E-bombs), and classical explosives and rockets, was recently distributed to members of jihadist e-groups. The author, dedicating the composition as a ?present to the emir of believers, Shekh Usama bin Laden, for jihad and the sake of Allah,? impresses that its lessons were synthesized so that the reader may gain the experience with ease, ?at arm?s length - or in other words, in the kitchen?.

Each lesson, prefaced by the statement: ?Nuclear weapons and rockets might be based on technology of last century?s mid-forties, but the crusading helpers of the devil, curse of Allah upon them, are bent on depriving the Mujahideen of this weapon,? seems to have been translated from myriad sources into Arabic, as a means that the author uses to transmit his understanding that the ?strategic balance of forces in the military field of the mujahideen will not change without a significant scientific advance.? In addition, the lessons are steeped in extensive theoretical background of the weapons, accompanied with step-by-step procedures for their composition.

The E-bomb, in particular, is ascribed a special status by the author, as the ?[most] powerful and effective design of nuclear bombs,? which is composed of a tube, coiled wire, C4, and an x-ray generator. Further, the author stresses: ?In any case, a nuclear weapon is a bomb of special qualities, and it requires means to transfer it to its final destination: either it is placed within a plane, or inside a missile. Hence is derived the importance of studying missiles, as a means of transporting and launching [nuclear bombs].?

A summary of the manual and translation of selected excerpts are provided to our Intel Service members.

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