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The Fighting Policy of Qaedat al-Jihad in the Land of Two Rivers
By SITE Institute
October 21, 2005

A presentation of ?The Fighting Policy of Qaedat al-Jihad in the Land of Two Rivers,? recently issued by the Global Islamic Media Front, an al-Qaeda mouthpiece, and authored by Abu Abdullah Ahmad al-Omar, seeks to explain the phases and ultimate goal of the insurgency of al-Qaeda in Iraq, led by its emir, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, against Americans and the current, interim Iraqi government. According to the text, Zarqawi had formulated a strategy against the American Army following the fall of Afghanistan, nearly a year before the start of the War in Iraq, and his actions and that of his group follow a pragmatic, yet Shari?a applicable course to defeat America.

According to the author, Zarqawi fled with some companions to Kurdistan after Afghanistan fell and prepared to fight Americans before they ?invaded Iraq for more than a year,? establishing camps and warehouses, and recruiting followers from Saudi Arabia and Yemen. Zarqawi is stated to have not launched the insurgency until the Iraqi Ba?ath regime toppled, so it will be the ?clean start for Abu Musab away from the accusations of supporting the Ba?ath party, which was represented by Saddam?.

The jihad in Iraq, then, entails three distinct phases, each possessing specific targets and desired ends. The first phase, to ?isolate the American Army,? entails the murder of Arab translators who represent the link between the Americans and the Iraqis, and the murder of Iraqi security forces, who ?became shields to the American Army.? As the American casualties increase over a protracted period, the author believes that they ?will find it imperative to withdraw,? regardless of alleged lies by the media. The second phase includes the targeting of Arab or foreign ambassadors, to isolate the Iraqi government and make it only recognizable on paper. According to the text, the murder of the Egyptian and Algerian diplomats was not only justified, but al-Qaeda in Iraq is absolved of blame because they ?warned all nations several times? to not send their ambassadors.

The third phase involves the targeting of the ?infidel?s militia? of the Shi?ites in al-Ghadr Brigade, which the author alleges to be supported by Iran and Syria, and have also been attacking the Sunnis. The author finds that the area must be cleared from any ?competitor? before the American Army withdraws from Iraq, so the mujahideen may control the land and set up Shar?a courts to fight the ?heretic doctrine and forbidden things.? THe mujahideen in Iraq represent the ?new generation,? training in explosives and car bombs, and ?that is what the whole world is afraid of!?

A full translation of the presentation is provided to our Intel Service members.

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