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Al-Qaeda Suicide Wills Appear on New Al-Qaeda Website
By SITE Institute
Published in: SITE Institute
October 19, 2003

The SITE Institute has tracked a new al-Qaeda website airing an unseen videotape of some of the bombers involved in the May 12, 2003, car bombings in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, in which 25 people were killed. Amazingly, after speaking entirely in Arabic, two of the al-Qaeda bombers address the camera in English, threatening Americans. It appears to be the first time an al-Qaeda fighter reads some portions of his will in English.

Ashraf bin Ibrahim al-Sayye, made the following threats in English:

?For the American soldiers, we say, ?You have to know that your government has become a big evil, killing innocent people, destroying homes, stealing our money, and holding our sons in jail. We promise that we will not let you live safely, and you?ll not see from us anything else just [sic] bombs, fire, destroying homes, cutting your heads. Our mujahideen is [sic] coming to you very soon to let you see what you didn?t see before.??

Another bomber, Mohammed bin Abdel Wahab al-Muqayet, stated also in English:

"I invite you to accept Islam…and you will be my brother in Islam. And it doesn't matter what your nationality or your color [sic]. After you accept Islam, if any enemy attacked you, I will do what I can even if it cost [sic] my life to save you. We want for all Christians and Jews to go out from our Islamic countries and release our brothers from jails [sic]. And stop killing Muslims, or we will kill you…?

More than an hour long, the videotape is produced by the al-Qaeda production company, al-Eshab. The tape shows each of the suicide bombers reading his will and pledging his support to Osama bin Laden, which includes short clips of bin Laden speaking. The tape?s speakers promise victory to Islam and affirm the goal of cleaning the Arab peninsula from all the Christians and the Jews by carrying out attacks against them everywhere.

The tape also airs chilling audio clips of al-Qaeda fighters attacking American and British forces in Iraq, chanting ?Allahu Akbar?.

For further information, please contact the SITE Institute.

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