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A Speech by Sheikh Abu Hamza al-Baghdadi, Head of the Shari’a Committee of al-Qaeda in Iraq – 10/25/05
By SITE Institute
October 26, 2005

A forty-five minute speech allegedly orated by the head of the Shari?a Committee of al-Qaeda in Iraq [Tanzeem Qaedat Al-Jihad Fi Bilad Al-Rafidayn], Sheikh Abu Hamza al-Baghdadi, issued yesterday, October 25, 2005, expounds on the importance of jihad, especially in the month of Ramadan, and explains points that a mujahid should be aware of as they embrace jihad. In addition, al-Baghdadi seeks to encourage the mujahideen in fighting a much larger army, predicating such ?victory? on Qur?anic precedent.

According to Sheikh Abu Hamza al-Baghdadi, it is incumbent upon a mujahid to know that there are three ?facts of battle,? described as steadfastness, manifestation of the religion is the greatest target of jihad, and exigencies and necessities with which a mujahid must furnish himself while bearing arms and facing the ?enemies of Allah? on the battlefield. Maintaining each of these points in jihad will bestow upon a mujahid greater rewards in Paradise. For example, for the point of steadfastness, al-Baghdadi states: ?Whoever fights the enemies of Allah, combating them in the first line so that his body will turn into body-parts, will pass to the loftier chambers of Paradise while the Lord of the Skies and Earth will smile towards him?.

The speech warns that to abstain from jihad will lead to the ?crusaders?? gaining power over Muslims, and alleges that the Shi?ites have allied with the Americans to fight the Sunnis in order to violate honors, capture women and shed blood using the most contemptible means?. Further, in this context al-Baghadi, lauds the ?heroic soldiers of al-Qaeda who broke their backs, shattered all their schemes and prevented them from attaining what they sought.?

The Arabic audio clip, a summary of the speech, and a translation of selected excerpts are provided to our Intel Service members.

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