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Jihadi Biography of the Slaughtering Leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi (Part 2)
By SITE Institute
October 27, 2005

In the second half of a 15-page presentation of the ?Jihadi Biography of the Slaughtering Leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi,? the author describes not only the evolving Zarqawi following the September 11, 2001 attacks until the start of the War in Iraq, but also elaborates upon al-Qaeda? strategic goals in Afghanistan, Iraq, and other Gulf countries and against the United States. This biography, which was recently distributed amongst jihadist forums by the Global Islamic Media Front, an al-Qaeda mouthpiece, was allegedly written by Saif al-Adl AKA Muhamad Ibrahim Makkaqi, the ?chief of security in the global army? in al-Qaeda, currently believed to be under house arrest in Iran and listed amongst the FBI?s most wanted terrorists .

Al-Adl indicates the Zarqawi did not receive prior knowledge of the 9/11 attacks, nor was he educated regarding its intrinsic goals; however, he was soon updated and began ideological and theological lessons about the nature of the battle ?between truth and falseness.? During the U.S. bombardment of Afghanistan, al-Adl notes that these ?crimes? perpetrated by America were witnessed first-hand by Zarqawi, and that such acts fomented anger within him to seek vengeance. He states: ?The hatred and hostility harbored by Abu Musab towards the Americans formed new characteristics in the personality of Abu Musab.? Zarqawi was transferred to Iran during the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan and ?Abu Musab and his Jordanian and Palestinian friend chose to go to Iraq after much study and a long discussion.?

Concerning al-Qaeda?s strategies which are intertwined in the biography, al-Adl interestingly explains that one goal of the 9/11 attacks was to drive American to ?exit from its burrow? and cause it to reach in a clumsy and ?haphazard? manner, making unstudied operations such as those in Afghanistan and Iraq. In addition, al-Adl explains al-Qaeda?s strategies vis-ŕ-vis Afghanistan, Iraq, and ?taking advantage of opportunities.? This latter point means to capitalize on security chaos to spread jihadi activities. Al-Adl points towards Syria and Lebanon to follow Iraq, so as to spread further spread jihad and create a wider basis to maneuver.

A summary of the biography and a translation of selected excerpts are provided to our Intel Service members.

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