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Al-Qaeda’s Battle is an Economic Battle and Not Military
By SITE Institute
October 27, 2005

A seven-page presentation titled: ?Al-Qaeda? Battle is an Economic Battle and Not Military,? written by Mohem al-Dabbah AKA Abu Musab al-Najdi from Saudi Arabia and dated October 3, 2005, explicates al-Qaeda?s strategy to conduct war against the United States by attacking direct and indirect economic targets. The crux of the author?s arguments is in his view that American strength rests atop a bulwark of a strong economy and interdependence with oil rich Gulf States. Any military attack is then considered a ?waste of effort without any use,? and though psychological damage upon the enemy is inflicted, only a successful strike against the U.S. economy is a ?step towards victory.?

Al-Nagdi notes the difficulty in striking major economic targets within a country, which are ?scarce,? but believes that indirect targets abroad will have the desired negative impact upon the American budget and economy. In addition to these targets, al-Nagdi advocates strikes to ?promote the glory in the Muslims? mind, especially the youth of the nation, who are drowning in the sea of desires, and what I consider the fuel which is not yet exploited.? Attacks such as those upon the U.S.S. Cole and 9/11 are meant to instill the spirit of jihad within the Muslim youth, which the author believes can be nurtured and directed by those who understand the nature of the battle, such as Usama bin Laden. Other strikes and targets can impel people to react negatively to their government, such as the Spanish people after the Madrid train bombings, to ?stop their government to ally with the American thieves.?

Indirect targets are highlighted as residing in European countries and areas in and around Saudi Arabia, as the author focuses upon oil facilities. Further, the author states that via a reading al-Qaeda?s statements and their ?last big operation,? that their future strikes will be concentrated upon oil targets in Kuwait, Venezuela, and ?Saudi,? and additionally, Wall Street in New York stands as a potential target due to its representation as the ?nerve of the American economy?.

A full translation of the presentation is provided to our Intel Service members.

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