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The International Jihad Movement from Iraq to Palestine, Across Syria
By SITE Institute
October 28, 2005

A message allegedly written by Sheikh Hamed bin Abdullah al-Ali, a former secretary general of the Salafi Movement who received a two-year suspended sentence for publicly opposing Kuwait?s support for the US-led war on Iraq in 2003, describes the burgeoning ?international jihad? as a response to the ?Zionist/Crusader? alliance and their supposed aggression against the Gulf states and plot to demolish al-Aqsa mosque. Al-Ali explains that this movement is the will of Alla?s Sunnah, executed by His religion?s believers upon the aggressors. The message has recently been disseminates across jihadist forums.

Sheikh Hamed al-Ali states that the ?Zionist/Crusader devils? planned the assassination of Lebanese Prime Minister Rafic Hariri, and the League of Arab Nations? endorsement of not only the Mehlis report that implicated Syria in Hariri?s murder, but their supporting the Iraqi constitution, is to plunge these groups down ?history?s toilet.? Al-Ali observes that this represents a project to destroy to the Islamic culture, and notes that one who follows politics may see it himself; the ?alliance? allegedly seeks to occupy the Gulf, divide Iraq, contain Syria, make al-Quds an Israeli capital, and demolish al-Aqsa mosque. He believes that the international jihad is ?on its way? from Iraq to Palestine across Syria to confront the alliance.

The message concludes with a proclamation: ?This is the way of struggle between the right and wrong. So you grab the opportunity, you who are chosen by Allah and step on the right way. This is your chance to follow the best, and joining the good people?s caravan.?

A full translation of the message is provided to our Intel Service members.

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