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Al-Qaeda in Iraq Claims Responsibility for Several Operations Targeting American and Iraqi Forces in Baghdad, and Provides a Video of Bombing a National Guard Base in Tal Afar
By SITE Institute
November 2, 2005

In six communiqués and a 52-second video issued today, November 2, 2005, al-Qaeda in Iraq claims responsibility for several operations targeting American and Iraqi forces in Baghdad, including detonations of improvised explosive devices (IEDs), assassinations, and armed confrontations. The video depicts the bombing of a National Guard base in Tal Afar.

  1. The first communiqué states that on Sunday, October 30, an IED was detonated on an Iraqi National Guard foot patrol in al-Sada, allegedly killing six and injuring another eight.
  2. According to the second message, an ?infidel crusader? was sniped Monday in the area of Arab Jabbour.
  3. A worker at a ?crusaders? base,? identified as Falah Eisa Zeidan, was captured, investigated, and executed according to ?Allah?s orders? yesterday. Also, the message indicates that the man?s sister, Rana, was captured but released, ?because she quit working with the crusaders a long time ago.?
  4. The fourth communiqué lists nine operations included in the ?harvest? in the southern Kakh section of Baghdad, including assassinations of Iraqi officials, and bombing operations targeting American and Iraqi forces.
  5. A car of the al-Ghadr Brigade was struck in al-Jaderiya, in Baghdad, on Tuesday, allegedly killing those who were inside.
  6. The sixth communiqué states that a colonel in the Iraqi police force, Ra?ad Sadoon, was assassinated today in al-Sayediya.

A full translation of the six messages is provided to our Intel Service members.

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