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Iraqi Oil Will Not Reach Washington in Silver Barrels
By SITE Institute
November 4, 2005

A message recently posted to a jihadist forum, titled: ?Iraqi Oil Will Not Reach Washington in Silver Barrels,? elaborates upon the costs to the United States for the War in Iraq, compared with the Vietnam War and as a sole enterprise. The author posits that the ?Iraqi resistance had turned the American dream into a nightmare,? allegedly making the goal of acquiring Iraqi oil very costly in terms of money for resources, advertising, and future pensions for soldiers, not to mention human losses and support from the American people.

In the course of presenting figures for annual and monthly costs for waging the War in Iraq, the presentation cites think tanks and a Harvard University professor, Linda Bilmes, seeking to explain that the ?responsible Americans are lying about the War in Iraq either concerning the human losses or economic losses? and the costs to rebuild may exceed nearly four times that of the cost of military operations. Also, the author claims the Pentagon is spending too much money on advertising campaigns to attract new volunteers to the American Army in Iraq and additionally, have increased payroll to ?overcome the problem of the soldiers? refusal to go to Iraq.?

Further, the author notes that the ?Iraqi resistance? is targeting oil wells and refineries, thus increasing the cost of the war, ?for obtaining oil is one of the priorities of the American occupation in attempt to lessen the cost by getting the Iraqi oil.? Additional figures relating to the cost per barrel of oil over the period from the start of the war in 2003 until the publication of the message are cited to evidence this trend.

A full translation of the statement is provided to our Intel Service members.

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