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“An al-Qaeda Soldier is Coming” – A Message from the Global Islamic Media Front about an Increasing Number of Converts from Western Europe that have Joined al-Qaeda
By SITE Institute
November 7, 2005

The Global Islamic Media Front, an al-Qaeda mouthpiece, recently issued a message titled: ?An al-Qaeda Soldier is Coming (Rakan bin Williams),? which assesses the security situation in Europe and promises new attacks led by a group of Western converts to Islam.

The message also claims that Western intelligence services failed to disrupt the Indonesian bombings, which included the participation of Saudi Arabian citizens: ?The CIA was shocked when they failed to disrupt or stop the blessed attack before it happened! They did not give up, but they stared watching those who are related to Indonesia besides their brothers from the Land of al-Haramain (Saudi Arabia).?

Discussing the bombings in Spain, the communiqué notes Spain?s withdrawal from the war in Iraq: ?And with the blessed hit, Spain abandoned supporting America in its crusader war and withdrew its forces from Iraq. By that act, it directed a painful blow to the cross holder, America.?

At the end, a chilling message is delivered and the author warns that Western European converts will be used as al-Qaeda operatives: ?They are a group of your sons, born in Europe, from two European parents, they are even Christians, taught in your schools, they entered your places, they studied your feelings, they went to church, they observed Sunday mass. They drank booze, they ate pigs, they hated Muslims. But al-Qaeda could embrace these people they converted to Islam in secret, they digested the al-Qaeda ideas and promised Allah to raise his flag and to reverse themselves from the bad people. They are there walking in European and American streets, planning, watching.?

A full translation of the message is provided to our Intel Service members.

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