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The Complete al-Qaeda Video on the London July 7th Blast, Released on the Internet by al-Sahab
By SITE Institute
November 7, 2005

A 27:22 minute compilation video titled "The Knight's Will of the London Blast," produced by the al-Qaeda video-production company, al-Sahab, was disseminated across several jihadist forums yesterday, November 6, 2005. A small portion of the video was aired on al-Jazeera TV on September 1, 2005.

Among the clips contained in the video are two past bin Laden speeches, and longer versions of the Ayman al-Zawahiri claim for the July 7th bombings against London, and the will and testament of the London bomber Mohammed Siddique Khan

The production opens with a lengthy introduction by al-Sahab depicting anti-Western propaganda. This follows with the lengthened speech by Ayman Zawahiri, interrupted by past bin Laden speeches, and followed by Khan?s statement, before closing with a brief conclusion to Zawahiri?s talk.

All of the videos contain English subtitles except Khan?s, as it is spoken in English and accompanied by Arabic text.

In his conclusion, Zawahiri calls for Muslims to ?support your mujahid brothers in Afghanistan and Iraq and Palestine, and harm and vanquish the states of the Crusader Alliance which has attacked the Muslims, especially their economic interests, and the petrol robbers who are stealing the treasures of the Muslim Ummah.?

The video clip is provided to our Intel Service members.

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