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Al-Qaeda in Iraq Announces Revenge Attacks for the Sunni People in al-Qaim, and Claims Responsibility for Several Attacks and Assassinations in Baquba, Baghdad, and al-Mosul
By SITE Institute
November 8, 2005

Al-Qaeda in Iraq [Tanzeem Qaedat Al-Jihad Fi Bilad Al-Rafidayn] issued eight communiqués today, November 8, 2005, announcing revenge attacks for the Sunni people in al-Qaim, and claiming responsibility for detonating improvised explosive devices (IEDs) and attacks upon ?crusaders? and Iraqi forces in Baquba, Baghdad, and al-Mosul, and assassinating an al-Ghadr Brigade member and man allegedly responsible for torturing the mujahideen.

  1. The first message contains an announcement that the group will begin attacks in revenge for the Sunni people in al-Qaim, as per ?Allah?s order?, since their 24-hour ultimatum had passed with adherence by the ?crusaders and their converted government.? Al-Qaeda in Iraq indicates that ?there are still men who defend it from the aggressors, and take revenge for the women?s honor.?
  2. Yesterday, an IED was detonated on an Iraqi police patrol in al-Salam section, Sinjar Street.
  3. The third communiqué describes an operation yesterday in Baquba, in which an Iraqi police gathering was attacked, and the quarters of the Quick Interference Forces were bombed. The message notes: ?It is good to know that the police have two observation towers in the same place of the confrontation.?
  4. An ?important figure? in al-Ghadr Brigade was assassinated yesterday near the University of al-Mosul. The man was identified as Ahmed Malik, the owner of Tal Afar newspaper, a publication which was supposedly ?known to be harsh on the mujahideen and the Sunni people.?
  5. A combined base of ?crusaders and National Guards? in al-Fallujah was struck yesterday. The fifth message indicates that the losses are not known.
  6. The sixth communiqué states that a suicide bomber detonated himself amongst a gathering of ?crusader? Humvees yesterday in the area of al-Yusefiya, south of Baghdad, allegedly destroying four vehicles and killing ?not less than twenty crusaders?.
  7. Today, the man allegedly responsible for torturing the mujahideen in the National Guard base in al-Ghalibiya was assassinated in Baquba.
  8. According to the eighth communiqué, an Iraqi police patrol was attacked in Ibrahim Ezzat Street in Baquba, allegedly killing two policemen and injuring four.

A full translation of the eight messages is provided to our Intel Service members.

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