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Al-Qaeda in Iraq Claims Responsibility for Executing Six Foreign Arab Employees of Heet Camp, and Bombings and Attacks Targeting American and Iraqi Forces in Tal Afar, Baquba, and Baghdad
By SITE Institute
November 11, 2005

In eight communiqués issued today, November 11, 2005, al-Qaeda in Iraq claims responsibility for executing six foreign Arab employees of Heet camp, providing the men?s identification cards, and detonating improvised explosive devices (IEDs) on American and Iraqi forces in Tal Afar, Baquba, and Baghdad.

  1. The first communiqué announces the execution as per ?Allah?s orders? on a group of six people of ?Arab nationalities? - four Sudanese and two Somalis - who were discovered to have employment with a company contracted by the Iraqi army to work in Heet camp. According to the message, the company has been providing foreign Arab workers to work in the camps of the Americans and Iraqis. Further, the group warns that they will not tolerate those who ?support the infidels.? Identification cards and working papers were provided.
  2. Yesterday, the second message indicates that a National Guard checkpoint in Hore Rajab was bombed with mortar shells.
  3. Also yesterday, an IED was detonated on a ?crusader? tank in Tal Afar, damaging the vehicle.
  4. The fourth message states that an IED was detonated on a ?crusaders? Humvee? in al-Weda, in Tal Afar.
  5. An Iraqi checkpoint was attacked today in Baquba, at the ?intersection of roads and bridges.? Also, another checkpoint was attacked on al-Sherif bridge, allegedly killing four.
  6. Four Katyusha rockets were launched today at a base in Scania, near al-Sayediya.
  7. The seventh communiqué states that an Iraqi police checkpoint was attacked yesterday with hand grenades in the ?popular housing area? in al-Dawra.
  8. According to the eighth communiqué, an IED was detonated on a ?crusader tank? in al-Wehda section, allegedly destroying the vehicle and killing all who were inside.

A full translation of the eight messages is provided to our Intel Service members.

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