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“The Election is the Way of Criminals” – A Speech by Abu Hamza al-Baghdadi, the Head of the Shari’a Committee of al-Qaeda in Iraq – 11/30/05
By SITE Institute
November 30, 2005

A 44:35 minute audio message purportedly orated by Abu Hamza al-Baghdad, the head of the Shari?a Committee of al-Qaeda in Iraq was issued today, November 30, 2005. The speech, titled: ?The Election is the Way of the Criminals,? expounds upon the group?s belief that the upcoming Iraqi parliamentary elections and democracy, in general, seek to deify man and denounce Islamic Shari?a, as politicians become the ?highest authority and there is no other authority above them.? Further, al-Baghdadi argues that elections serve the American?s purpose to extinguish the jihad spirit within the mujahideen - that it will resolve the differences between the coalition and Iraq administrations and the insurgents- and ?make your dreams come true.?

The speech elaborates upon a multi-point denouncement of democracy?s purpose vis-à-vis Islam and principles as set out in the Qur?an, and additionally, al-Baghdadi states that those who participate and elect the men to ?partner with Allah? will be considered infidels, as ?they are the ones who are providing the mandate to the representatives to make the laws.? Also, the speech cites historic examples of America?s alleged tampering in foreign elections for their own interests, such as Italy in 1947, where the United States sought the ?success of the Christian Democrats over the Communist Party.?

Abu Hamza al-Baghdadi concludes with a message addressing the mujahideen to remain steadfast in their jihad and to ?draw your swords of dignity.?

A translation of the speech is provided to our Intel Service members.

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