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A Statement from the Shari’a Committee of the Victorious Army Group about the Fitna of Reconciliation and Elections
By SITE Institute
November 30, 2005

The Shari?a Committee of the Victorious Army Group [Jeish al-Ta'eifa al-Mansoura] issued a statement today, November 30, 2005, concerning the ?fitna of reconciliation and elections,? denouncing those Muslims seeking political office in the upcoming Iraqi parliamentary elections, and castigating those Sunni political parties that allegedly represent the Sunni people in ?logos? only and attempt to confuse Muslims. The group argues that the elections are meant to divert Muslims from the ?right path,? that of the Prophet Mohammad and Islamic Shari?a, and are but a ruse to allow America to extricate itself from Iraq ?with some dignity so as to maintain its existence internationally because the mujahideen in Iraq did to the Americans; what they did not see in Vietnam or any other place.?

In addition, the statement condemns those who participated in the Cairo Conventions for national reconciliation, and the members of the Arab League for their collaboration with the ?Crusaders.? The Victorious Army Group warns the Sunni people to stay away from the elections and party officials seeking their vote, arguing that though Islam is still in the ?shadow of occupation,? the ?victory is near.? The group urges patience and assures they are carrying on their jihad in spite of attempts by Iraqi government officials about ?deals about faith.?

A translation of the statement is provided to our Intel Service members.

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