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“Between the Truth and Lies of Americans” – A Film Documenting an Operation by the Taliban between Zabul and Kandahar, in Afghanistan
By SITE Institute
December 2, 2005

The Taliban issued a 27:50 minute video titled: ?Between the Truth and Lies of Americans,? today, December 2, 2005, in which they document an operation executed by the Taliban mujahideen upon American forces between Zabul and Kandahar in Afghanistan. Continuous through the film are statement from the narrator indicating the openness of the mujahideen in Taliban, carrying their artillery as they march to battle or sit in their village receiving military and religious instruction from their commanders and scholars, despite alleged claims by the Americans that they mujahideen were ?completely expelled from the country, and there is no trace of them, but very small incidents like gang war and planting road mines in some areas.?

The video depicts the Taliban mujahideen as they set out to the battlefield, engage with the American soldiers from an elevated position, through their alleged routing the enemy, only receiving seven casualties, and triumph as they raise the ?white flag of the Taliban.? Other segments include a look at the plunder they captured from the field following the battle, and incitements to jihad from Islamic scholars and a young man performing a prayer for not accepting to be ?humiliated because jihad keeps our religion and dignity.?

The video clip, a summary, and translation of selected narration/on-screen text is provided to our Intel Service members.

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