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The Third Issue of “The Vanguards of Kharasan” – A Periodical from the Afghanistan Mujahideen
By SITE Institute
December 6, 2005

The 64-page third issue of the ?Vanguards of Kharasan,? a periodic magazine published by the ?Media Committee? of the al-Qaeda mujahideen in Afghanistan and electronically distributed across several jihadist forums, contains several articles celebrating the month of Ramadan as a ?Month of Jihad and Victory? and provides ?field reports? of dozens of operations, divided into province, conducted by the mujahideen in Afghanistan. Further, a narration of the life and ?heroic death? of a Kurdistan native is provided, culminating in his death as part of jihad in Afghanistan.

The article, ?Lessons from the Great Badr Battle,? by Sheikh Mansour al-Shami, elaborates upon eight aspects from this confrontation between Muhammad and the people of Quraish, which took place on the 17th of Ramadan in the second Hijra year. Of great importance, according to al-Shami, are the financial rewards from battle, as jihad must have for support multiple sources of funding. He states: ?Jihad cannot live without money to consolidate it.? In addition, he posits that the killing of leaders may have great effect upon the enemy, noting that the murder of Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf may have a positive impact in the ?course of war.? Also, the use of ?slaughtering? the enemy with brutality and decapitations can instill fear in an enemy and weaken their resolve. Another article, ?Ramadan - Month of Jihad and Victory,? infers similar points.

Another article, ?Who is the True Terrorist,? written by Sheikh Muhammad Yussuf, departs topically from the central theme and alleges that the Western media has purposely distorted the image of Islam to those ignorant of the religion. He believes that those who embrace the ?true Islam? are powerless to stop this oppression, and among other points, argues that anyone studying Islam may observe it as a ?religion calling to justice and fairness and not a religion of destruction and oppression.?

A summary of the magazine and a translation of selected articles are provided to our Intel Service members.

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