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Al-Qaeda Publishes Third Issue of Magazine
By SITE Institute
Published in: Sawt al-Jihad [The Voice of Jihad]
November 7, 2003

Al-Qaeda has continued to produce its biweekly magazine named ?Sawt al-Jihad? [The Voice of Jihad], with its third issue recently released online. The magazine, which is published by Al-Qaeda members in the Arabian Peninsula, is dedicated to ?issues concerning the Mujahideen in the Arabian Peninsula.?

Each issue of over 35 pages consists of 2 or 3 feature articles which include first hand stories from Jihad battlefields and exclusive interviews with top Al-Qaeda members. For example, in the second issue, Saif Al-Adel, one of Al-Qaeda?s top military commanders and one of the world?s most wanted terrorists, reminisces about the American attacks on al-Qaeda and the Taliban in Afghanistan, following September 11.

The third issue, which only came out a few days ago, includes a firsthand recollection of a Mujahid who experienced the clash between Saudi security forces and al-Qaeda members in the Al-Suweedi neighborhood of Riyadh in August. The raid, which the magazine calls ?The Suweedi Battle,? claimed the lives of three Saudi security officers.

In another article entitled ?Our Enemy Within,? the magazine intricately details the areas of Saudi-American intelligence cooperation in the war on terror, dividing all of the Saudi?s anti-terror activities into six categories, in an effort to attack Saudi Arabia by portraying the country?s leadership as betraying their people. The categories include:

1. International Cooperation with the United States and Other Countries
2. Arrests and Investigations of Terrorist Suspects
3. Monitoring Islamic Charities
4. Freezing Assets of Front Groups Suspected of Being Associated with Terrorism
5. Taking Legal Procedures for Fighting Terrorism
6. Other Initiatives Taken for the Fight on Terror

The magazine also includes wills of Mujahideen who have died in battle, and a large portion of the magazine is dedicated to the religious justification of Jihad through articles and religious rulings of Islamic scholars. The upcoming issue will include the second part of an interview with a wanted Saudi Sheikh who went underground a year ago.

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