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Al-Qaeda in Iraq Issues a Video of a Humvee Bombing in Tal Afar, and Claims Responsibility for Several Attacks Targeting American and Iraqi Forces in Areas of Baghdad, Tal Afar, al-Mosul, and Diyali
By SITE Institute
December 20, 2005

In nine communiqués and a forty-seven second video issued today, December 20, 2005, al-Qaeda in Iraq claims responsibility for several attacks including bomb detonations, suicidal operations, and assassinations targeting American and Iraqi forces, and their supporters, in areas of Baghdad, Tal Afar, al-Mosul, and Diyali. The video depicts the detonation of an improvised explosive device (IED) on an American Humvee in Tal Afar.

The communiqués include:

  1. Claiming Responsibility for A Confrontation with the Crusaders in the Area of al-Karma
  2. A Film about Destroying a Crusader Humvee in Tal Afar
  3. Claiming Responsibility for Destroying a Humvee and Killing Three Crusaders
  4. Claiming Responsibility for Killing Nine Crusaders [in al-Latifiya]
  5. Claiming Responsibility for Destroying an American Armored Vehicle in al-Mosul
  6. Claiming Responsibility for Eliminating One of the Biggest Spies in Diyali
  7. Claiming Responsibility for a Suicidal Operation against the Crusaders on the Expressway
  8. Claiming Responsibility for Eliminating a Spy for the Crusaders in al-Dawra
  9. Claiming Responsibility for Destroying Two Vehicles of the American Army in the Area of Beiji

The video clip and a translation of the nine messages are provided to our Intel Service members.

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