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Al-Qaeda in Iraq Announces the Capture of Five Employees of the Sudanese Government Embassy in Baghdad and Offers a 48-Hour Ultimatum to Sever Ties with the Iraqi Government
By SITE Institute
December 29, 2005

Al-Qaeda in Iraq issued a statement with a 3:33 minute video today, December 29, 2005, announcing the capture of five employees of the Sudanese government?s embassy in Baghdad: Abdulmoneim Mohammad al-Houri, Adham Mohammad Soliman, Rawi Ali Ahmed, Salah Mohammad Ali Ahmed, and Abdulazim Ahmed Abdullah. The message states that although the mujahideen had previously declared war on ??diplomatic? commission[s],? there remain in Iraq those governments who wish to foster a relationship with the ?Crusaders? and Iraqi government.

Members of the group captured the five employees of the Sudanese embassy, claiming some to be ?diplomats,? and subjected them to interrogation concerning the relationship between the Sudanese and Iraqi governments. The Shari?a Tribunal of al-Qaeda in Iraq offers a 48-hour ultimatum to the Sudan government to sever ties with the Iraqi government and withdraw its officials, or the men?s death will be as a ?sacrifice to the please of the Black House (White House) and to follow the others who tried to challenge the mujahideen in the Land of Two Rivers.?

The video contains footage of each captured Sudanese embassy employee and their identification cards.

The video clip and a translation of the message is provided to our Intel Service members.

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