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Targets for Jihad Operation Focus upon Oil Pipelines, Refineries, and Pumping Stations in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Within the United States
By SITE Institute
December 30, 2005

A 12-page presentation of targets for jihad operations as a response to the messages of Usama bin Laden and Aymanal-Zawairi regarding strategic recommendations about jihad fighting targets was recently posted to a password-protected al-Qaeda-affiliated forum. Oil pipelines, refineries, and pumping stations are the locus of the suggested points of attack as the author presents facilities in Iraq, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, and within the United States, specifically Alaska, as crucial elements of America?s oil trade. The author predicates oil, in addition to the heroin drug trade, as alleged components of American?s now-failing economy, and believes that to strike the bases where America ?extorts? resources from the Muslims, will have a domino effect which will ruin it financially, militarily, and psychologically.

Since the ?shaken? American economy following the attacks of September 11, 2001, the author believes that the United States has intensified its encroachment upon Muslim lands and invaded Afghanistan and Iraq to secure its power through the capture of these states? oil and natural gas resources. Referencing several articles and texts by journalists and U.S. officials, such as the National Security Advisor to former President Jimmy Carter, Zbigniew Brzezinski, which point to purported underlying goals of America?s foreign policy, the author advocates these attacks as prudent steps to defeating the U.S.. The presentation contains links to several maps of Iraqi and Afghani oil fields, in addition to charts depicting production of crude oil and refinement for export, in addition, to figures of oil production and reserves within states in America, including: Alaska, Texas, Louisiana, California, and Oklahoma.

For points of attack to strike America?s ?economic joints,? the author suggests bombing oil pipelines and ports in Iraq, as well as airports such as Saddam International Airport and al-Tallil. He also advocates attacks targeting the offices of American companies ?which entered Iraq to help the Crusaders have a grasp upon the Muslim Iraqis,? and the employees of these organizations. In Afghanistan and Turkmenistan, the author writes of the desire of the Unocal Corporation to construct an oil pipeline from the Caspian Sea to Pakistan, and advocates attacks on this structure, in addition to oil stations and tankers.

Within the United States, the author believes that the ?most suitable candidates? for conducting jihad operations on domestic oil facilities and structures are Muslims within America, or lacking their availability, Muslims residing within the bordering countries of Canada and Mexico, primarily in groups of four to five mujahideen. The author specifies the Trans-Alaska pipeline as a very important target for the cells, providing links to maps of the structure and figures as to its geometric proportions. He notes the effect of four bullet holes placed in the pipe, and believes that to use a hail of bullets or strategically placed improvised explosive devices (IEDs), would create the greatest possible damage to the line, and in turn, the American economy.

The author continuously justifies the attacks as rooted in revenge for aggression upon Muslims, and posits that these strikes on oil facilities heeds the message of Usama bin Laden to unify attacks upon the ?main threat,? which is America. In concluding the presentation the author states his final declaration: ?The bloody trash tore our children and dishonored us. They spilled our brothers? blood and they stole our oil resources. This is our time to teach them a lesson in how to deal with Muslims. This kind of operation leads to an opposition to their material interests for which the American infidels tore our country. These are our oil resources and we, by this operation, will deprive them even from the oil they produce.?

A translation of the presentation is provided to our Intel Service members.

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