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A Sermon on the Occasion of Eid al-Adha from Majelis Mujahideen Indonesia, Accusing the U.S. of Branding the Muslim Community an “Enemy of God”
By SITE Institute
January 12, 2006

On January 10, 2006 the website of the Indonesian extremist group Majelis Mujahideen Indonesia (Indonesian Mujahideen Council ) (MMI) published a sermon accusing the United States of considering the Muslim community ?an enemy of God which must be eliminated.? MMI was founded in late 2000, by the Abu Bakar Baasyir, who was also named to be the leader of the local terrorist organization Jammah Islamiya, and is currently serving a prison term in Indonesia for involvement in the October 2002 Bali bombing. In that incident more than 200 died, mostly Australian tourists. Baasyir was also apparently behind other terrorist acts and the dispatch of jihadists to Christian regions of Indonesia. MMI?s main aim is promoting the adoption of strict Islamic law in secular Indonesia.

The sermon ?the Spirit of Jihad Deals with Corruption, Narcotics and Terrorism,? issued on the occasion of Eid al-Adha, the Feast of Sacrifice which concludes the Hajj, appeared on MMI?s website with the byline ?written by the webmaster.? The writer notes that the Feast commemorates Abraham?s willingness to sacrifice Ishmael (according to the Muslim tradition) in obedience to God?s command. Similarly, if Muslims follow the will of God by carrying out Shari?a, ?they will surely be blessed with victory over their enemies…. Otherwise, the Muslim ummah (community) will be defeated by the Infidel. More horrifying than this, the Muslim Ummah will be butchered and slaughtered like a sacrificial animal on Eid al-Adha.?

The message accuses the United States and President George W. Bush of waging war on the Muslim people by creating ?global trauma and fear? to justify the attack. It further charges: ?They destroy anything and kill anyone. Similarly, the Zionist savagery of Israel which slaughters Palestinian children, old people and women represents the implementation of jihad in the understanding of war taken from the Jewish holy book.? As a result, the group states that the Muslim community should seek to block the ?hegemony? of the United States in building a ?new world with an imperialist face?.

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