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In a new audiotape, Bin Laden acknowledges Zarqawi’s leadership and calls for a boycott of elections in Iraq
By SITE Institute
December 27, 2004

Translated from al-Jazeera

December 27, 2004

In a new audiotape broadcast by al-Jazeera, Bin Laden honors Zarqawi [as Prince of al-Qaeda in Iraq] and calls for a boycott of the elections in Iraq.

The al-Qaeda leader, Usama Bin Laden, praises Jordanian Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi and his operations in Iraq.

In an Audiotape broadcast by al-Jazeera, believed to express the voice of Bin Laden, the speaker declares Zarqawi as Prince [leader] of al-Qaeda in the Country of Two Rivers [Iraq] and asks al-Qaeda supporters to obey his orders.

Bin Laden says he is happy with Zarqawi?s declaration of joining al-Qaeda, and describes the move as being ?important? in the direction of establishing what he calls the state of righteousness [truth] and the demolition of the wrong.

Bin Laden criticizes the Iraqi elections, calls for its boycott, and describes [participation in the] elections as an act of blasphemy.

Further, Bin Laden states that these elections were created by a constitution established during the rule of the former USGovernor of Iraq Paul Bremer. Such a constitution, he argues, does not consider Islam as the sole foundation of legislation. Therefore, whoever takes part in these elections becomes a blasphemer.

Bin Laden also calls for caution from those who speak in the name of Islamic parties and who call upon people to take part in these elections.

The audio recording from al-Jazeera in its original Arabic can be found here .

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