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The Secrets and Mysteries of Usama bin Ladenís Recent Speech
By SITE Institute
January 25, 2006

A member of a password-protected al-Qaeda-affiliated forum posted a message today, January 25, 2006, titled: ?The Secrets and Mysteries of bin Laden?s Speech,? in which he elaborates upon sixteen such ?secrets? and opines on the subject of the truce offered to America. The author argues that every word in Usama bin Laden?s speech, which was broadcast by the Arabic satellite channel al-Jazeera on January 19, 2006, was chosen carefully and for a ?great cause?. Amongst the points he makes, the message portrays bin Laden as showing his capability to follow politics in the world, including American polls and the book ?Rogue State,? reassure Muslims and the mujahideen that he is in good health and is ?preparing for something which will break America?s back,? and unveil the ?war merchants? in America who are the real enemy in the war.

Concerning the truce extended by bin Laden to America, the author believes that it was intended to be refused and was a strategic strike to instill ?horror and fear? in the American people and exhaust America?s economy as other nations seek to escape the American markets to allegedly more secure countries. In addition, the message indicates that the truce means to provide an ?excuse in front of Allah and the people when he executes his coming hit in the death of America, which will shake its inner structure.?

A translation of the message is provided to our Intel Service members.

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