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A Speech by the Emir of the Islamic Army in Iraq Concerning American Casualties, Mujahideen Success, and Alleged Reality in Iraq
By SITE Institute
January 27, 2006

The Emir of the Islamic Army in Iraq issued a speech today, January 27, 2006, in which he describes in length alleged criminality of coalition forces in Iraq towards the Iraqi people, media fabrications and covering up regarding the number of American soldier casualties and percentage of civilians killed by the mujahideen, and the successive victories of the mujahideen in their jihad operations. The speech also contains tables of American and Iraqi casualties, destroyed vehicles, and numbers of fired rockets and mortars over a three-month period covering October through December 2005.

According to the emir: ?Freedoms were assaulted, honor besmirched, children were orphaned and killed and maimed even in their mothers' wombs with deadly weapons, and those who survived among them were shot and held captive, their country and people destroyed, and infidelity and corruption was spread?. He states that the Muslims have been patient in the face of this ?multi-national aggression,? and the mujahideen have been conducting the fight as some within the Muslim Nation have abandoned their ?duties.? On this point, the emir argues that the operations of the mujahideen have been downplayed by the media and the losses of coalition forces fabricated; but ?every now and then America admits to a soldier being wounded in a car accident, or the breaking of a nail of a female soldier while she cleans her cat or dog, or the crashing of a plane by friendly fire or the crashing of helicopters due to technical errors (and how many there are).? The total number of U.S. officers killed is alleged by the emir to be 1,593, in addition to 1,065 Iraqi officer and soldier casualties.

The emir reminds that the Islamic Army in Iraq has not and will not negotiate with the Americans nor the ?puppet government,? and aver that the mujahideen have their own plans in Iraq and their ?jihadi, religious, political, socio-economic projects that will serve the Mujahideen's needs and not the whims of blabbermouths?.

Attached to the speech was a four-minute video depicting a field of destroyed vehicles at al-Bakr airbase.

The video clip and a translation of the speech are provided to our Intel Service members.

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