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The Islamic Army in Iraq Issues a Statement Threatening Countries that Had Published Within Them Caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad
By SITE Institute
February 7, 2006

The Islamic Army in Iraq issued a statement yesterday, February 6, 2006, voicing their condemnation of caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad appearing in Danish and Norwegian publications, in addition to periodicals in Germany, France, Holland, and Spain, and declaring that the ?interests of all countries that published these cartoons are a target for us, and the results will be earth-shattering, Allah willing.? Steeped in Qur?anic verse concerning the Prophet Muhammad and those who sought him and Muslims harm, the group argues that the publication of the series of pictures is a continuation of the ?Crusader war that is led by the great Tyrant America.?

In addition to threatening the interests of those countries that published the caricatures, the Islamic Army in Iraq calls upon Muslims to capture Danish people as hostage and ?cut them up into little pieces in a number equal to the number of papers published;? continue the boycott of Danish and Norwegian goods and add products from the other countries to the prohibited list; physically attack any ?company or institution? that deals with the aforementioned countries and any place that sells their products; and in conjunction with other threat, they call upon all government to ?recall their ambassadors, and throw out the ambassadors of the cursed nations who would do battle against Islam, and attack our Prophet as they please, especially Denmark and Norway.?

A translation of the message is provided to our Intel Service members.

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