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“The Secret in a Bad Tape” – An Exposition on the Points Made in the Most Recent Speech of Usama bin Laden
By SITE Institute
February 10, 2006

A detailed, five-page document elaborating upon the most recent speech by Usama bin Laden that was aired by al-Jazeera on January 19, 2006, was recently distributed by a jihadist e-group. The title of the exposition, ?The Secret in a Bad Tape,? refers not only to the quality of the media through which bin Laden addressed the Bush administration and the American people, but in what the author feels is the purpose of distributing it as such: ?He tells them, to me, your worth is less than to make a video or a tape of an acceptable technological standard. And so he says I send you the bad tape because you are bad. I send you this cheap tape because you are cheap!! I send you this simple tape to know that the capability of hitting you is easier to me than the simplicity of the tape. I send you my voice only to turn your life into a mindless one. So beware if I come out to you by voice and pictures.?

Hussein ben Mahmoud, the author of the document, mocks analysts and pundits who spent much time discussing the tape and not understanding its meaning as he does. Mahmoud argues that a man considered surrounded in an isolated place in the ?wilderness? was still able to ?get his hand out to slap the faces of the White House rats? and instill fear and anxiety in the American people by mere language. Regardless of an attack occurring, then effect of horror and fear will remain the same. In addition, from his analysis, Mahmoud claims that bin Laden will strike America ?after a period not short of long and it will be either a light or moderate hit, so as to remind them about his capability and he is serious. This hit will be unusual and in a place and time they do not expect, to prove to them that they cannot face the Islam soldiers and their loyalty to serve their religion. After this hit, he will use something else to deal with them.?

A translation of the document is provided to our Intel Service members.

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