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Message from the Islamic Army in Iraq to the American People
By SITE Institute
January 8, 2005

A message signed by the ?Islamic Army in Iraq? and posted to Jihadist message boards on January 2, 2005, is a rambling indictment of the United States, accusing the American people of barbarism and ignorance and declaring ?[t]he entire world hates America and the American people.? The message ends with a promise of violence against American citizens and soldiers in the New Year:

?American People! We pity you while you are calling for your democracy through which you could not protect yourselves and your sons… In brief, we wish to say the following to you:

In the upcoming days, you are going to be deprived of the security that your government has been fooling you by, attempting to achieve it for you…

The past days were a promenade for your soldiers… 2005 is going to witness a big change in the quality and quantity of the operations that will be targeting your army… Allâh willing, history will record it…

We have long tried to ignore your president?s declaration that this is a crusade… Regrettably however, seeing the daily assaults by your soldiers on our Islamic sanctities and our scholars, and their attempt to unjustly humiliate, detain, and kill them, we could not prolong ignoring it [the U.S. President?s declaration]…

This is some of what we wanted to remind you of in this brief message, as you are entering your New Year… Allâh is Greatest! Glory to Allâh!?

The Islamic Army in Iraq is a resistance group which has carried out attacks in Iraq against U.S. and Iraqi forces, including the October 24, 2004 mortar attack which killed Ed Seitz, assistant regional security officer at the US embassy in Baghdad, as well as a Summer 2004 attempt to assassinate Iraqi politician Ahmed Chalabi.

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