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For Our Brothers the Mujahideen in the Arabian Peninsula [Suggested Means and Ways to Camouflage Explosives]
By SITE Institute
January 8, 2005

A member of a popular Jihadist message board recently posted a message to which he attached at least 29 files, mostly relating to explosives. One of the attached files describes ?suggested methods and ways to camouflage bombs,? including instructional sections on operations inside markets, operations inside buses and bus stations, and the use of booby-trapped cars.

The operational detail of the instructions is extensive, with a focus on avoiding detection in all contexts through a long list of suggested deceptive tactics, such as hiding bombs in consumer packaging while preserving all physical attributes of the original, as well as in ?candy boxes, flower bouquets, or home planters? during the holidays. The instructions also keep a steady eye on ensuring lethality, advising (for example) that car bombs can be used to target crowds ?provided that the explosives planted in the car are distributed in a way to match the form of the crowd,? and also that closed markets can be prime targets but that, ?in case of the presence of a guard, the guard must be tricked by pretending to be parking the car in front of the gate, then down-shift [in] gear and suddenly take off, storm into the market, run over as many of the people as you can, and the rest will die from the explosion.?

A full translation of the posted message discussing ?suggested methods and ways to camouflage bombs? is made available to our Intel Service Members.

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