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Al-Qaeda Announcement Taking Credit for Synagogue Bombing in Turkey
By SITE Institute
Published in: SITE Institute
November 17, 2003

Al-Qaeda recently took credit for the twin bombings at synagogues in Istanbul, Turkey, which occurred this past Saturday. Below is a translation of the announcement Al-Qaeda published taking credit for the attack, which left 23 people dead.

The announcement threatens more attacks against Jews and Christians as well as several countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Italy, Australia, and Japan.


Announcement to the Ummah regarding the Heroic Al-Quds [Jerusalem] Operation

In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Al-Quds Operation (announcement no. 11)

We have already mentioned and promised in our announcement ?Saif Al-Adel Operation,? announcement no. 4, [which claims responsibility for the August bombing of the U.N. headquarters in Iraq] that the Al-Quds present is imminent, God willing, and that this is the first strike of this gift. The Brigades of the Martyr Abu-Hafz al-Masri, may Allah have mercy on him, have conducted reconnaissance on Jewish Intelligence (Mossad) agents, and when it was certain that five individuals from this apparatus are in 2 Jewish chapels in the heart of Istanbul, Turkey, the mujahideen made their lethal strike. The rest [of the gift] is imminent, God willing. Almighty, almighty, eventually the Jews in the entire world will regret that their predecessors thought they can attack the land of the Muslims. Time will prove it, and everybody will know that what was latent will become great.

And we say to the criminal Bush and to his Arab and non-Arab followers (especially Britain, Italy, Australia, and Japan) that the death cars will never stop with Baghdad, Riyadh, Istanbul, Jarbah, Nassariya, Jakarta, and so on, until you will see it with your own eyes in the heart of the capital of idolatry of the era, and until Washington will surrender to the conditions of the mujahideen, those which we have mentioned in our announcement ?Announcement to the Ummah regarding the Heroic Jakarta Operation? (announcement no. 2), henceforth a summary:

1. They should release our prisoners who are in the American prisons, especially Guantanamo prisoners and the mujahid Sheikh Omar Abdul-Rahman, and those who are in the prisons of the followers of America: the Arabs, the non-Arabs, the Iranians, and the Jews.

2. They should stop their war on Islam and the Muslims throughout the world in the name of fighting terror.

3. [They should] purge all the lands of Islam and the Muslims from the dirt of the Jews and the Americans, including Al-Quds and Kashmir.

4. And that America would not interfere between us and the idolatrous governments that rule the Muslims, and that we establish a virtuous Islamic Caliphate state, God willing.

Regarding the followers of America (especially Britain, Italy, Australia, and Japan) who do not understand what the commander of the mujahideen, Sheikh Osama Bin Laden, May Allah protect him, meant when he said before [the month of] Ramadan threatening that the martyrdom operations will never stop outside and inside America. He literally said that ?we will reserve for ourselves the right of response on Italy… and other countries.? This is a golden opportunity for the rest of the collaborators to understand this message and to withdraw from the Christian alliance against Islam and the Muslims, and if they do not understand the language of words, the language of the death cars will be appropriate for explaining it to them.?

We would like to remind our brothers everywhere that our strategies in weakening and separating the viper (America) before the lethal strike will continue, and our strike will be, God willing, lethal, diverse, qualitative, and surprising, until it will be impossible for the enemy to know where or when or how we will strike.

We would like to say to all of those who accuse the mujahideen of killing innocent people, that you lied, [in the name of] the Lord of the Ka?aba, and that common-sense will refute your accusations upon us. For how can we leave and go though all the hardship, take care of the dangers and the civil fights, leave our countries and the comfort of life, and go to Afghanistan, Chechnya, Bosnia, Somalia, Kashmir and other countries of the Houses of Islam [Muslim states], if not for the sake of protecting the lands of Muslims, their religion and their Ummah, to maintain their spirits, and to give our blood and our necks without theirs [harmed]?

There are some who accuse us of renouncing the rest of the Muslims and that we permit the [shedding of their] blood, and that how can we go to protect them everywhere and then permit their blood [to be shed]? Common-sense refutes it. A Muslim should know the law of Allah. He warned us Muslims from approaching the places of the infidels more than once, and we renew this warning. More so, the Islamic law does not allow us to mingle with these infidels at the living places and the working places until they stop their Christian war against Islam and the Muslims.


Would the enemy step on your rugs and be permitted [to sleep with] your wives? Would you wait until the sons of the monkeys and the pigs [Jews and Christians] will strike roots in your Ka?aba and step on the grave of your prophet? Lest [that happen], you must call upon yourselves to fight for the support of your religion and to erase the shame of your Ummah, you must wash the humility in which this Ummah is living with your blood. The Muslims call for your help, and you are sleeping: you are talking about dialogue, education and institutional work, but Allah the mighty has said already: ?if you are asked to help with your religion, you must do so? (Al-Anfal, 72). Every time has its devotion, as the forefather and the honorable scholars have decided, and the time of Jihad has come…


O, Ummah of Islam, it is a duty upon you to assist the mujahideen of Allah, each one as much as he can. He who can assist them by Jihad with his life [actual fighting], must do so, and he who cannot do it, should [do Jihad] with his money [donations], and he who posses no money, should do it with his mouth [advocating], and he who cannot do that either, should pray for them, aiming for the times of the acceptance of prayers [by Allah]. He who does not want to pray for them, should keep silent and his evil will be enough for them, for had he known the reward of the mujahideen of Allah, he would have come kissing their feet. Allah the mighty said, ?Those who fight us, we will teach them our way, and Allah will shine upon the well-doers.?

Allah the mighty, Allah the mighty.

The Islam is coming in great glory and with great contempt.

Abu-Hafz Al-Masri Brigades, Al-Qaeda

20 Ramadan 1424
November 15, 2003

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