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Al-Qaeda in the Country of Two Rivers [Iraq] Posts English Message with Their Statement
By SITE Institute
January 10, 2005

In an unlikely move, ?Qaedat al-Jihad Fi Bilad al-Rafidayn? [the Base of the Jihad in the Country of Two Rivers - Iraq], attached English messages to their statements posted to the internet today, January 9, 2005. Attached is a re-typed message as it appears [including a translation of some Arabic words] in a statement about an operation called ?The Killing of the Hired Dogs?. The operation was carried out on Tuesday, December 28, 2004 by Abu Obaida Amer Bin al-Jarrah Brigade, in Kushayfiyyah, north of Samurra, on the Samurra - Tikrit road . Per the statement, 15 apostate policemen were killed, all their weapons were taken possession of, then the building was set on fire.

Another English message was also attached to an earlier statement today, about the death of the Reuter?s photographer ?Diya? Najm Abdullah? in Ramadi, who according to the group, was killed by the Occupation Forces.

1. Message attached to ?The Killing of the Hired Dogs? operation statement:

This Deen [religion] -ISALM- is a religion that requires steadfastness commitment and sacrifices

Whoever sells his deen [religion] for a miserable price in this earthly life

And works in any way shape or form against the Mujahideen

Becomes a legitimate target whoever he might be wherever he might be.

The Mujahideen -May Allah Grant them Victory-

Are walking on the footsteps of the Prophets from Adam (AS)1to Muhammad (SAWS)2

Their principles their beliefs their aqeedah [ideology] is clear

We advise our Muslim brothers and sisters for the sake of Islam

Not to speak ill of those who sold their lives for raising the banner of


We also advise them to search for the truth

And not reply on Kuffr [blasphemy] media and believe all the lies spread by the enemies of Islam.

For they are trying to extinguish the Light of Allah

Wal salamu alaykum4

1 (AS): Alayhi Assalam - meaning - peace be upon him

2 (SAWS): Salla Allah Alayhi Wa Sallam - meaning - prayer and peace of God upon him

3 There is no other God but God, and Muhammad is His Prophet

4 Peace upon you

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