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A Statement Praising Usama bin Laden and Jihad Against the Alleged Aggression by the West upon Islam
By SITE Institute
February 24, 2006

A statement praising Usama bin Laden and discussing his sayings was recently distributed by a member of a password-protected al-Qaeda-affiliated forum, in which the author argues that the ?awe and power? of Islam has stricken the European and American civilizations with fear and militancy. He believes that Islam as a movement stands in contrast to the interest of the West, and have branded those mujahideen once supported in Afghanistan during the Soviet invasion as terrorists. The document reads: ?It is only natural that they wish that we shall not have power but rather servility and obedience to them while they make use of our peoples as instruments for the fulfillment of their goal.?

Usama bin Laden, who is representative of those ?jihad fighters? aided by the U.S. during the Soviet-Afghan war, has chosen to donate the wealth Allah provided him to the ?service of the religion and for the raising of the phrase of truth [No God, but Allah] in the face of America?. The author states that bin Laden seeks not only the promulgation of Islam, but political goals in the founding of an Islamic state. References to ten statements from bin Laden, indicating belligerence towards the West and calls to jihad are provided by the author, amongst which he states: ?Let them come and catch us if they can. We have felt the waning of the strength of the Americans. They are not willing to enter long wars, but only short and cold wars, as their defeat in facing Somalia proves" and ?Death is easier for me than living in a European country?.

A translation of the message is provided to our Intel Service members.

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