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Ansar al-Sunnah Claims Responsibility for Attacking a Multinational Force in al-Naseriya, Ambushing Iraqi Police Academy Cadets in al-Rashad, Operations Targeting American Forces in Abu Ghraib and al-Mosul, and Executing an Egyptian in Baquba
By SITE Institute
March 2, 2006

Ansar al-Sunnah issued five communiqués today, March 2, 2006, claiming responsibility for attacks targeting a multinational force in al-Naseriya, southern Iraq, an ambush on cadets of an Iraqi police academy resulting in ?tens? of casualties, and attacks targeting American forces in Abu Ghraib and al-Mosul. The group also issued a message on Tuesday, February 28, claiming responsibility for executing ?Allah?s Orders? on an Egyptian working at a ?Crusader? base in Baquba.

  1. The first communiqué, describing the attack on the multinational force, claims that last Tuesday, an improvised explosive device (IED) detonated in al-Naseriya damaged an Italian vehicle.
  2. The second message describes the ambush of police academy cadets coming from al-Solymania, stating that they were attacked in their five trucks in al-Rashad, between Kirkuk and Tikrit. According to the group, there were ?too many casualties? and this shall be the fate for anyone ?who thinks about working with the authorities that are still fighting the Sunnis in general and the mujahideen in particular?.
  3. An American soldier was sniped Tuesday in Abu Ghraib.
  4. Yesterday, March 1, an IED was detonated on an American convoy in al-Mosul, resulting in destroying an armored vehicle.
  5. The fifth communiqué states that an American Humvee was attacked Tuesday in al-Howeija.
  6. The sixth communiqué states than a ?converter? of Egyptian nationality who worked at a ?Crusader? base in Baquba was executed.

A translation of the six messages is provided to our Intel Service members.

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