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The Taliban Issues Four Videos Depicting Footage the Harvest of Military Operations for the Period from 2/20/2006 until 2/26/2006
By SITE Institute
March 6, 2006

The Taliban recently issued a series of four videos produced by al-Sahab, an al-Qaeda production company, ranging in length of twenty minute to three minutes, providing visuals of some of their operations conducted in the ?harvest ? for the period of February 20 through February 26, 2006, in Jalalabad, Khost, and Konar in Afghanistan, targeting Afghan army centers and American vehicles. A message introducing the videos titles the scenes and explains their corresponding to the harvest.

A 9:21 minute video shows the attack on an Afghan army center in Jalalabad, opening with the planning stages of the operation, followed by a statement from a masked man. Night-vision shows the confrontation involving gunfire and rocket launchings.

The attack on an Afghan army center in Khost, 19:30 minutes in length, opens with a mujahid instructing from a computer screen in what appears to be an office, then shows mujahideen cleaning and preparing their weapons. Following the nighttime attack, the video depicts a fallen mujahideen, and then a statement from another of the Taliban?s members.

A 3:49 minute video of the bombing of an American vehicle in Konar province first shows the preparation of the explosive, then footage from a mountain side of the actual bombing. The camera zooms in on the wreckage of the vehicle.

The final 2:57 minute video shows the preparation of another explosive device within a metal container, then footage of a vehicle traveling along a dirt road. The explosion of the IED is not shown; however, the following scene shows two soldiers moving about the vehicle and surveying the land.

The video clips are provided to our Intel Service members.

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