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Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan Issues a Video Titled: “The Rule of Allah,” Depicting the Executions of Men Accused of Collaborating with American Forces
By SITE Institute
March 6, 2006

An eight-minute video issued by al-Qaeda in Afghanistan and titled: ?The Rule of Allah,? featuring several executions of men accused of being collaborators with American forces, was recently distributed amongst jihadist forums. Produced by Labik, an al-Qaeda production company in Afghanistan, each of the clips opens with a short text detailing the accusations, footage of ?confessions? by the accused men, and the execution via beheading or gunshot. Of these scenes, one in particular was issued separately in December 2005, showing the beheading of Sa?eed Allah Khan , who allegedly sought to blow up Islamic schools in Waziristan on orders from Americans.

Another clip shows Akbar Khan, seated with his identification cards pinned to his shirt, then attached to a blindfold over his eyes. Khan is purported to be one of the ?biggest spies? who abetted Americans in capturing the mujahideen. The subsequent clip depicts Janat Meer, who allegedly ran a spy cell against the mujahideen, and his gunshot execution from close to zero range.

The final clip concerns a captured group of ?highway robbers? who used to ?terrify Muslim believers? allegedly at the request of Americans and the ?apostates?. Two of the men are shown being beheaded and held skywards by the mujahideen. The video then shows the destruction of the men?s stronghold and subtitles states that the citizens of the area celebrated for days after its removal. Citizens and children are indeed seen trying to take the place apart, as well as armed mujahideen standing smiling around the hanged and mutilated bodies of the remaining robbers.

The video clip and a summary are provided to our Intel Service members.

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