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An Advice to Prospective Mujahideen by Abu Mariya al-Qarshi
By SITE Institute
March 9, 2006

An advice for those Muslims seeking to participate in jihad, written by Abu Mariya al-Qarshi, was recently disseminated across jihadist forums. The advice answers the questions of those who alleged wrote to al-Qarshi requesting such information and of their ?plight and their eagerness for jihad even though they lack equipment and numbers? and without knowledge of how to travel to Iraq, Afghanistan or Chechnya.

Al-Qarshi posits five suggestions for these prospective mujahideen, advocating them to read the texts of Abu Musab al-Suri, including his 1,600 page ?International Islamic Resistance Call,? as possessing not only information to give physical direction, but mental, as well. He also parrots Usama bin Laden?s call to kill Americans and their allies, deeming this a ?general directive,? and adds: ?and as for their traitorous collaborators in our country, jihad is not wasted on those dregs of the people from the military if they fired at us, but the main targets are the heads of their people, the king, or prime minister, etc...?.

Further, al-Qarshi stresses the stages of jihad including material and spiritual preparation, suggesting that they read al-Battar, al-Qaeda training manuals to supplement their knowledge. The opening of new jihad battlefields will open soon, al-Qarshi assures; however, should the mujahid wish to open a new path in his own country, then he should ?target the cheap easy targets of opportunity as they come?.

A translation of the advice is provided to our Intel Service members.

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