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The Lions of the Nomads in the City of al-Ramadi– A Video Presented by the Media Department of Ansar al-Sunnah Army
By SITE Institute
March 15, 2006

The Media Department of Ansar al-Sunnah recently issued an hour-long video titled: ?The Lions of the Nomads in the City of al-Ramadi,? depicting what is stated to be the first of many visits to the regions allegedly controlled by the mujahideen in order to show the ?true state of affairs?. Narration is provided by an anchor in what appears to be a news studio, opening with a report documenting the course of the American-led War in Iraq and the initiation of mujahideen strikes against American forces. In this context, the anchor/narrator, Abu Suliman al-Rawi, discusses the insurgency duly operating between military warfare and its supported economic warfare, ?[d]isrupting oil export from all the [oil] fields in the north, after successive attacks of oil exporting pipelines. Thereby, they caused the US to lose a great part of its oil import, which would have been an important factor for reducing the huge costs of the US army in Iraq?.

The report continues in this vein and alleges that prestige of the American Army began to deteriorate during the course of the war, exacerbated by hurricanes that struck the U.S. mainland. Images of maimed soldiers and anti-war demonstrations held within the U.S. are displayed, in addition to statistics of American losses tallied since the initiation of the war. Al-Ramadi is portrayed as one of the most ?salient cities giving the American forces a taste of defeat through the courage of its brave sons;? geographic facts and information related to its demography and personal characteristics of the people are reported by the anchor.

Al-Rawi then interviews the Emir of the First Western Region of Ansar al-Sunnah and the Military Head of al-Ramadi, Abu al-Laith al-Dalimi and Abu Abdullah al-Dalimi, respectively. Abu al-Laith, speaks in religious terms of jihad and states that it will continue until victory is achieved, while the latter official speaks practically of U.S. deployments in al-Ramadi and attacks launched against them by the mujahideen. He describes howexplosive charges are planted, and clips are shown in the background of how this was done in the course of an operation, in addition to footage of bombings and mortar launchings.

The video continues with scenes of alleged U.S. desecration of al-Ramadi, specifically al-Quds mosque, and an explanation by the anchor of how a team of reporters from Ansar al-Sunnah accompanied the mujahideen for an attack, and during the course of an operation interview the individual members and documented their activities. Footage follows of charity by the mujahideen in the city, particularly their handing out parcels of slaughtered cattle and sheep to the families of martyrs and jailed people.

Near the conclusion of the video, the al-Rawi explains that the mujahideen periodically visit schools ?in order to emphasize the important of studying,? and such a visit is shown in which the mujahideen reward the schoolchildren to correctly answering questions regarding religious subjects and the war. For example, a mujahid asks the children why the mujahideen are held in higher regard than the Americans, to which one answers that the Americans kill small children.

Further, the anchor summarizes, commending the city of Ramadi for ?the heroism of its sons and the vigor of its war against the enemies of Allah, until its lands became a graveyard for the dispersed body parts of the infidels?.

A summary of the video and a translation of selected excerpts are provided to our Intel Service members.

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