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Video Testament of the Commander Fahd bin Faraj al-Jourwai al-Faraj, an al-Qaeda Commander in Saudi Arabia
By SITE Institute
March 20, 2006

A 16:28 minute video recently issued by Sout al-Jihad in the ?Special Series on the Martyrs of the Peninsula,? features the testament of an al-Qaeda commander in Saudi Arabia, Fahd bin Faraj al-Jouwair al-Faraj, in which he addresses seven groups of people: the Muslims in general, the ?scholars of the Sultan,? scholars who sit silent, the mujahideen, Saudi security forces, the Saudi government and royal family, and Americans station in Saudi Arabia. The video contains footage of the battles in Yarmouk, west of Riyadh, al-Jouwair?s military training at a camp in Saudi Arabia, a static image of him wearing an explosive belt amongst a swirl of clouds, and his testament in front of a physical-relief map of Saudi Arabia with a written message stating: ?Get the polytheists out of the Arab Peninsula?.

The al-Qaeda commander al-Jouwair al-Faraj outlines the goals of jihad and its rules and obligations, arguing: ?In contrast to what the scholars of the Sultan claim, we realize the sacredness of this blood… We have gone along this path, aided by Allah who is our Helper, and we will not stop until we will see victory or die without it?. He then reads his testament that addresses the aforementioned group in which he urges Muslims to participate in jihad to protect the inviolability of the religion and that of Muslim women, and condemns the scholars who justify acts of the Saudi government while at the same time calling upon those scholars who sit silently in the ?face of the of the truth? to uphold their duty to join jihad. In addition, al-Jouwair lauds the mujahideen and advises them to ?remain steadfast and await the promise of Allah,? and warns the Saudis in the security apparatus to cease working in their positions and join the mujahideen, else they will be targeted.

Further, al-Jouwair, addresses the Saudi government stating: ?we have come slaughter you,? and if they knew what the mujahideen intend, then ?you would rush and flee from this Peninsula?. In the last part, to the Americans, the commander states: ?Get out of the Peninsula of Muhammad, peace and prayer upon him. And get out of all the lands of the Muslims. Stop aiding the Jews in Palestine and stop aiding the Christians on Muslim lands. Otherwise, for you there will only be death, destruction and explosion?.

According to media reports, Fahd bin Faraj al-Jouwair al-Faraj was killed by Saudi security forces during a raid in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, on February 27, 2006.

A summary of the video and a translation of selected excerpts are provided to our Intel Service members.

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