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O Mujahideen of Kuwait! May You Be Blessed, Strengthened, and Triumph Over the Apostates and the Americans!
By SITE Institute
January 12, 2005

A message posted to a jihadist message board on Monday, January 10, 2005, directly after a shootout in a Kuwait City suburb between Kuwaiti security forces and Islamist militants, suggests that the shootout was ?directly related to what was posted today on our honorable message board.? The message explains that ?[a] person by the name of Khalaf posted a statement in which he warned the apostates against going after the Mujahideen who intend to carry out the Jihad against the evil [damned] Americans in Kuwait,? and notes further that ?the author of the statement appeared to have been in a hurry when he wrote it, because it contained several orthographic mistakes.?

Whatever the connection of ?Khalaf? to the shootout, the message asserts that this event marks the beginning of increasing Mujahideen resistance to Kuwaiti authorities and the Americans:

?What is important is that this operation carried out against the apostates in Kuwait is, in my opinion, a first reaction to the campaign of arrests that the apostate Kuwaiti forces are conducting against members of the Mujahideen believed to be organizing Jihadi operations against the Americans. I also believe that this operation will be followed by others that are going to be stronger, and are going to be targeting Americans directly. This reminds me of the beginning of the operations of al-Qaeda in the Country of al-Haramain [Saudi] Ö. it is not unlikely for the same scenario that happened in the Country of al-Haramain to take place in Kuwait.?

Amidst many words of encouragement and religious invocations, the author of the message also declares: ?I wrote this because I wanted to encourage my brothers the Mujahideen in Kuwait, and say to them: Go ahead, with the blessings of All‚h. Fight in the Jihad all the apostates and polytheists, and All‚h will support you as long as you support Him.?

A translation of the statement is provided to our Intel Service Members.

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