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An Argument to Solve the Issues of Captured Terrorists in Gulf States and Advice to the Palestinian People
By SITE Institute
March 23, 2006

A message written by Hussein bin Mahmoud concerning solutions to rid Arab nations of terrorists and addressing the Palestinian people, titled: ?Ideas that Passed with Grief by the Heart,? was recently distributed to a jihadist forum. In the piece, Mahmoud presents an idea that the rulers of Egypt, Syria, Jordan and Saudi Arabia should release their prisoners to Palestine, close the borders and let them ?deal? with Israel and its soldiers. He believes this plan benefits the rulers in that not only do they remove the captured terrorists from their states, but they may ?liberate? Palestine.

On a different level, Mahmoud discusses the deluded state of Muslim people, referring to their alleged occupation of pigeonholing Muslims into various sects of Islam and particularly to Palestinians, that have been deceived between myriad treaties, agreements and ad hoc allies. Mahmoud writes: ?It is a theatrical play. Its director is Jewish, the actors are the heads of Arab, Western and Eastern states. The writer is a Zionist and it is funded by American-French-British-Soviet-Khaligi (Arab Gulf) sources. Its spectators, the Palestinian people and the Islamic nation, are clapping hands to its killer, ?Mr. Smart?.?

He concludes by stating: ?You the daring lions… the young men of al-Quds and Gaza, and you the sons of the good people: give the Jews a taste of death. If you are told peace, just read the Anfal Surah [of the Qur?an] and detonate yourself.?

A translation of the message is provided to our Intel Service members.

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