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New Al-Qaeda News Website
By SITE Institute
Published in: SITE Institute
November 25, 2003

A new al-Qaeda news website called Al-Lewa, Arabic for ?The Banner,? has appeared on the web. Attempting to reach a widespread audience, the website even has a section for PDA users wishing to download the news to their Palm Pilot. Aside from being an outlet for news about al-Qaeda, the website also carries statements by the terrorist group and its leaders. One such posting is from the Al-Sahab Company, known as al-Qaeda?s video production company. The company maintains that a new tape of Osama bin Laden will be released shortly, which, according to some reports, may have already been sent to some media outlets.

Another posting is a story relating the statements of an al-Qaeda official making further threats against the United States, similar to ones issued by al-Qaeda in the past few months. Additionally, the official hints that Muslims should leave the U.S. for their safety. Parts of these two postings, translated from Arabic, appear below. For more information on the website, please contact the SITE Institute.


Al-Sahab Posting

Al-Sahab Company

?Film, Martyrs of the Confrontation and in the Arabian Peninsula.? 9-30, 1424 [Nov.25, 2003]

On the occasion of the days of the great confrontation between the forces of the young Mujahedeen and the forces of tyranny and assistance.

Al-Sahab Company which owns the production and distribution of videos will very soon present a film entitled, ?Martyrs of the Confrontation in the Arabian Peninsula.? It is a Jihadi media work endeavoring to make young men familiar with the faithful heroes from among the sons of the nation such as the martyr Sheikh Youssef Ayiri whom God may bless and other great men of heroic action and martyrdom circles the connections to Sahab Company affirm that there is a rare recording of the revolutionary Sheikh Osama bin Mohammed bin Laden, whom God may strengthen so, God willing this will be available very soon.

Al-Qaeda Threatening Posting

Al-Qaeda is Going to Strike Soon

The next attack will be a real catastrophe, and it will aim for the U.S.

According to a high al-Qaeda official, Abu Issam al-Yamani, the next al-Qaeda attacks will be most violent and will target the U.S. Abu Issam also added that the Muslims in the U.S. are being given the opportunity to leave the country if they don?t wish to die as a result of a Jihadist operation.

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