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A Video Open Letter to the American President by the Operations Director of al-Rashideen Army, Abu Dugana al-Baghdadi
By SITE Institute
March 26, 2006

A seven minute video containing an open letter to U.S. President George W. Bush was issued today, March 26, 2006, by al-Rashideen Army in Iraq. The speech, spoken in English by the Operations Director of the group, Abu Dugana al-Baghdadi, asks questions concerning an alleged ?Iron Curtain? erected around the war in Iraq that silences information related to atrocities and reality of the occupation, including acts perpetrated by the Badr Corps against Iraqi prisoners. At the same time, al-Baghdadi muses that Bush must be wondering how the insurgency groups in the state are able to persist in fighting, to which he answers of strength in Islamic principles, patience and jihad. References to a sealed container, both metaphorical and literal, are repeated through the letter, speaking of crimes by Badr, and Iraq itself surrounded by U.S. supporters and closely monitored states in Iran and Syria.

Speaking further of the insurgency, Abu Dugana al-Baghdadi summarily states that ?big talk? that the resistance has been narrowed to pro-Saddam regime fighters is ?crap? and only ?committed Muslims? are fighting on Iraqi soil. He then lauds the jihadist in Iraq, noting that the insurgents are the first ?self-supported? people in recent history to fight a global hegemon without the aid of any government, causing America defeat. The letter concludes with a reference to the U.S. president?s religious devotion, and suggests that he ?go back to Crawford, have some time off and really think it over… God is on our side and always will be.?

The video clip is provided to our Intel Service members.

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